Here are some handy tips for your visit to Henry's Tree Farm.

There are 17 acres of trees to wander, so dress warmly and wear good walking shoes or boots. We also have hot cider, cocoa and coffee to help warm you up! Some people find their tree right away, and some spend hours enjoying the experience.

If you're planning to cut your own tree, you may want to bring a blanket or kneeling pad to put on the ground. Feel free to bring your own saw, (handsaws only, please--we can't allow chainsaws or axes) or we have plenty of handsaws for you to borrow. If cutting it down isn't your thing, just holler and we'll come cut it for you (we get to use the chainsaws, so it's much faster). And if you don't mind waiting a bit, we'll bring the tractor around and take it up to the parking area for you.

Try measuring the space you have for the tree at home before you come--trees tend to look smaller in the field. We have measuring sticks you can take with you to find the perfect size.

Please be sure to cut the tree down as close to the ground as possible, and bring the whole tree back with you. We don't charge for the whole thing if it has an extra long trunk or top, but we have to see it to be sure. We're happy to cut it down to the size you want, after it's paid for.

If your tree is under a certain width, we can net it so it's easier to handle. Kids love to watch the tree being pulled through the baler! Twine is provided so you can tie it securely to the top of your car or truck bed. Make sure to put it on with the trunk facing forward. We recommend bringing a tarp or blanket to put under the tree, especially if you're worried about getting scratches or pitch on the car.

Stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the fir-scented air, the natural beauty around you, and the sound of family holiday traditions continuing or beginning!

See below for tips on what to do with the tree once you get it home.

Tree Care

It is best before placing your tree in the stand to make a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk to open the pores and to allow water to be absorbed. Be sure to water your tree every day and don't allow it to dry out. An average tree can use between a quart and a gallon of water a day.

It is a good idea to clean your tree stand with a little bleach and water before placing your tree in it as this eliminates bacteria that can clog the pores. (Be careful not to stain carpet, etc. with the bleach.)

If the tree is not going to be put up right away, store in a bucket of warm water outside or in a cool garage away from sun, wind or freezing temperatures.

Inside the house, your tree will last longer if it is kept away from heat sources and the room temperature is reduced when no one is home. Keep it away from sunny windows and televisions sets, too. Be sure to turn off the tree lights when away or sleeping. Never use lighted candles on your tree.

Enjoy your tree! When you cut it yourself, you know it's fresh!