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There are over a dozen types of Christmas trees at Henry's. All trees are intermixed by age and variety and cover approximately 17 acres set in the heart of the forested property. Some varieties are typically sheared while others are not. Here is a brief description of our most popular trees.

All trees are $8.00 per foot. Trees over 10 feet tall are priced at 10 feet.

Wreaths, greens & stands are also available.

Noble Fir

The noble is by far the most popular Christmas tree with its strong, evenly spaced branches and tailored look. Un-sheared, there is plenty of space to hang ornaments.

Shasta Fir

Very similar to the noble, the Shasta has strong, evenly spaced branches and tailored look but with slightly longer blue-ish needles. It typically has very symetrical growth with plenty of space to hang ornaments.

Fraser Fir

The needles are tightly curved, giving the Fraser a very alpine look. Branches are held at an upward angle. The tree is often very open although some of these trees have been tip-pruned to encourage denser growth.

Nordman Fir

The Nordman has beautiful, dark, glossy green needles that are longer than most fir and drape a bit on the branch. This tree often grows very open, showing its white-ish trunk.

Grand Fir

The Grand is typically sheared to increase density and give the tree a perfect cone shape. This tree is considered the most fragrent.

Blue Spruce

Though the needles of a spruce are prickly, the shape and color make it one of the most desirable Christmas trees. While you may have to wear rubber gloves and a heavy jacket to decorate, the needles do keep the cats from climbing it or Fido from watering it.

Norway Spruce

Not as prickly as the Blue Spruce but still a little difficult to decorate, these full, dense, sheared trees are very popular. If you are looking for an extra large tree we have a big selection. We also have open, natural unsheared Norway Spruce available.


We have two types of pine; White and Scotch. All are attractive and are sheared to a dense cone shape.

Douglas Fir

These sheared natives have a lighter green color.


Festive Wreaths

We'll have a very limited supply of handmade wreaths this year.

The wreaths are on a 14 inch wire ring and are approximately 21 inches across. They are made primarily of noble fir greens and are decorated with cedar and juniper and three bunches of three cones accented with artificial holly berries. At $22 apiece, these special wreaths sell fast.

Boxes for shipping are also available.


Bundles of Greens

We have various sized bundles of fresh greens. These generous bundles can be decorated and hung as swags or used to make your own wreaths or just used to decorate your house. The noble fir bundles are the most popular, but pine, grand fir and nordman fir are also available.

Bulk Greens

For even larger quantities of greens ask us about wholesale prices.